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NCBE Mission Statement

Our Mission:

The North Coast Builders Exchange is committed to providing quality services and training to our members, promoting professionalism and ethics in construction, and helping to create a high quality of life in the communities we serve.

Our Goals:

• To be the leading voice of construction on local and state issues affecting our members and the building industry in Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino and Napa Counties;

• To offer a broad array of membership benefits and group insurance programs to meet the business needs of our members and help enhance their profitability;

• To provide comprehensive, affordable safety and industry training programs for member firms and their employees;

• To be a good community and corporate citizen by providing grants for construction classroom supplies in schools, scholarships for students, and financial support for non-profit organizations;

• To promote career opportunities in construction to young people in our 4-County region;

• To encourage our members to maintain high ethical standards at all times so the construction industry earns the trust and respect of the public.

• To keep members informed on, and trained in, advancements in new technology within the construction industry.


  An additional companion resource - the "Home Improvement Guide" - is also provided to public agencies and the public to put NCBE members in contact with prospective clients.  
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